Sunday, November 25, 2012


I am no hero
I am no son
I am no father
I am no brother
I am no child
I am no man
I am no fighter
I am no survivor
I am no saint
I am nothing to anyone. I am just me.

I got no looks
I got no strength
I got no wealth
I got no health
I got no spirit
I got no soul
I got no hope
I got no past
I got no future
I got nothing for anyone. I just got me.

and I wish for a lot of things to be a better me but I got no wills to even move from this painful life.

I cry all day and night but I don't move from this spot and I just be me.


  1. be strong as it may lead you to the unexpected side of life

  2. just be urself... be happy no matter who u are. terima diri sendiri. love urself then others will appreciate u.