Wednesday, August 25, 2010

one enemy...

The one demon I still can't kill is me. Inside of me. I see the demon in the mirror. I feel it lurking trough my mind when I sleep. It whispers ideas in every decisions.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Still alive....barely...

Almost died from the king's trap. I entered his chamber with knife in my hand. A blade so poisonous that no sheath can hold it. Just as I was about to strike him 'whooosh' arrow struck me on my chest. the prince sure was a sharp shooter. Ragara the country most ferocious knight was behind me too. Stroke me with his Begara sword. With the Shiroos knife blocking the sword, I kicked him with my left foot. Jumped through the window and over the balcony, I fled on my Graciois. If that beast was not the fastest animal in the region, another arrow from the prince might had gotten through my skull. lucky enough that my mask was still intact on my face that they don't recognised me....They all thought that I was still in the east on onerous task of negotiating for the peace treaty. They wished I would. Sending me to the enemy kingdom was the worst thing they had ever done.

Badly hurt. I escaped trough the wood. I was not riding on Graciois but was laying on her. She ran so fast that I felt like she was flying. At the feet of the big tree she laid me down on the ground. "Gazeeera obluminna" I whispered it's name and the path was open. Holding to Graciois collar and entered the hide out. The arrow still stuck in my chest. Pain was not there anymore. Numb all over my body. Drank wine like it was water and held the arrow gently just above the wound. With my whole strength I gripped the arrow tightly and pull it out in one breath. not much blood came out from the wound. maybe not much blood left inside me anymore. I swore like I never before. The arrow had easier way in than out. It was not done yet. I can't have this kind of wound and return to the palace. I took a blade. poke it inside the wound and slashed my self. My screamed that night might had awaken the whole world. With shaking hands I sow the wound. That was the longest night of my life. I looked at the arrow that cause me such pain and I smiled. "you must do me something good for all this pain" I would not break the arrow and crush it with my foot. This arrow that struck me would be something of use in the future.

Friday, May 21, 2010

mirror of truth..

used too much energy. My face is cracked. Cannot regenerate fast enough to cover up the damage to my body. Need speed potion to be back on track. Should not look weak. The knights might take the oppurtinity to challenge me down the title. Can't give them that chance.

Monday, May 10, 2010

a fox in the kitchen....

The plan is on. i am going to take over this palace in a few days. Nothing can go wrong If I keep being discreet for just a few more days. War...war awaited you king Harlem............................

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not...I lost my ability to judge and it might just kill me any soon now....

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

secret of the past

some secrets should remain secrets.

The stories I posted were all secrets that had been modified.

Interpret them and you'll understand why I am so dark and gloomy all the time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes I forgot I was just pretending. I must be very good at it that I even fool me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Medical crap....

I was playing truant for two days. I was so sick of going to the palace and acted so nice in front of those hypocrites. Ohh I am a hypocrite too but hey that's my job as the pretender. I went to the royal physician too ask him the medical's note. He asked me what's wrong and my tongue hisses the whispers of lies.....before the hisses ended he already agreed that I was sick. He didn't even check anything. He didn't even care to look into my eyes. My whispers wont work without eye contact but hey it seems that I don't need to waste my breath hissing the whispers. I got the medical's note just like that ohh of course I had to toss a few gold leaves....Hmmmm it's so easy....too easy.

All these years I thought the physician is a man of knowledge but all he was is just a liar. He gives medicine without even bother to know the sickness. maybe the medicines were all craps. All I know is that he got his wealth just by using the 'Royal physician' title....but hey, I don't need to worry about that...It makes my pretended life seem so right now...hehe....

guilty to lord....

I haven't been blogging for quite some time now. I missed the blog so much and now here I am carving my dark secret in the blogsphere. I cannot live with humans. They made me sick. Their hearts are corrupted just like me but their pride made them worst than animals. I will slay them. Slay them all with my own claws. rip them part by part hearing them scream in pain and agony. Humans are no different from monsters. Humans kill their own child. They throw away babies like thrash. They rape their own children. They kill their own parents. Blood bond means nothing to the. They are so daring calling themselves better than us. They acted like they are better in morals and civilization. They are hypocrites.