Friday, September 20, 2013

Karma Law

Bad things do happen to bad people eventually.

I don't really believed in the Karma law but now I'm waiting for the bad things to happen to me. In my life I had a few accomplices in many crimes and some of them became friends or sometimes even rival. We don't wish birthday or send greeting cards but when something up and favour needed, we rushed out to help. Mystiq, one of the prominent which in Gorgon Island was one close friend. We been to many battles together. Misfortunate events befallen her and I can do nothing to help her. It sadden me that I can't offer her any help. her eldest son had just pass away and her second son is sick... oh I just can't write anything now... I feel so sad...

Friday, July 19, 2013

no turning back...

I know I'm in the wrong path... I can't turn around because theere are wolves behind me chasing after me... I don't have the pleasure to stop and rest to think of better plan to move on if I wan't to avoid getting bitten by those wolves... my only option is to just move on... if I stumble I might be shred alive... of how I wish those wolves would rest awhile and let me catch my breath...

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Chapter 1. The beginning.

The 7th of 8 children. Born 6 years after my elder brother. I was different from the others. I brought luck to the family. Since I was still in the belly of my mother, good things happen to the family. A day before I was born, an elder relative came to see my father and told him that he dreamt a name for me. I was born premature. Exactly 7 months and 7 days in the womb. Everybody was worried but everything went well almost unbelievable smooth. 


I tried to be good... I did try to be good for a long time... but I failed and failed and failed... am I destined to do all those bad things... if it is destiny then there should not be sins on me doing all those evil things... I am still confuse on what I am and what I should do... I am too old to be confused... 

Monday, July 01, 2013

fear is my bff...

I was devastated... I couldn't think anything that would make me happy... my life was empty... I started to find new things to fill this hollow heart but there was nothing. All my enemies looked like they weren't worth my hatred... all the people I thought were my friends looked like strangers... I thought of ending my life but in a memorable way... I started a plan... a great plan that could put my name in stories that would be tell from generation to generation... It was like a play... a dramatic end to the demon who terrorised the world with his devious plan... I got excited and carefully followed the plan in every inch... I even thought of things to say before I met my doom... I welcome death... or so I thought I was... but, when I was lying helplessly on the ground with my limbs numbs and my power drained, my eyes could not met the eye of the sword... I thought of all the horror in the afterworld... I thought of the pain it would feel when the sword struck my heart at high speed... of how I would suffer for quite some time before I died... of how I would cough out blood from my mouth... of how fierce the death angel would come and pull out my soul from my body violently without mercy... for once... I admit that I was scared... and that fear saved me... that fear gave me the strength to roll over and get back up on my feet... pull out my last trick, the laughing-banshees, and flew like rocket into the air with my laughed echoed and ringing the bell of torture in the ears of the knights and the people in 100 feets... 

That was the day of how cowardice saved my life... how fear became my ally...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Got a hello by death...

I welcomed death. I thought that I had enough of life but when death was infront of me... I got scared.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Walk of shame....

And just when I thought I felt nothing.... One of my enemy in the past bit me on the calf. I almost felt down ashamed but I rolled to the left and kicked him on the head. I ran like a coward without looking back. I'm not ready with this kind of trouble yet.


I did another crime. Just a few minutes ago. This time it felt different. There was no pleasure  while doing it and no remorse after. I felt nothing. Hollow.

I need to feel something. I am nothing now. I don't hate and I don't love.

Faith. I need to search for that 'faith' human talks about. I need and want something to believe in. I want to walk in the path my father took.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Agree to disagree

What am I suppose to do when I don't agree with the kingdom I serve?
Should I wage war againts the King or should I hide in the bushes and strike full blow when I have the chance?
I can't rebel just yet, I still have interest in what the kingdom can offer yet in the same time it sicken me to be the ally of all the cruelty to the subject of the kingdom.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I thought l'm evil but compared to those politician I'm a saint.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Knowlwdge is very important. I always study deeply on something beneficial to me at the time of its usage and I'm proud to say I'm a fast learner too... But that knowledge will only be contained at that particular time when I need it and I'll disregard that knowledge when I'm done with the thing. When I need to use that knowledge again I always forget about it and re-learn it again... Lived too long to remember everything... That's why I made my new resolution to write everything important I did so that I don't need to remember them. My mind would be at peace without all those thing in my mind... Haha