Friday, February 07, 2014

Chapter 1 : The Beginning 2

Born to a simple family I was raised in a small house with many siblings. Three elder sisters and three elder btothers. As the seventh after 6 years from my elder brother, I was pampered by my parents. Everybody had their function in the family. There were tasks that everyone knows and do but not I as the youngest one. The sixth was very jealous of me as I was always the one doing nothing and play all day. He had bad intentions and always find ways to get to me. Once, he asked me to hold a piece of paper up on my head while he trew a dart right on my forehead. He made it like an accident to get away from trouble and I believed that it was unintentional.  Ask me to passed him an old bamboo stick and slitted my thumb, kicked a rattan ball onto my face and I believed those were all  jokes that turned into accidental pain in my end.