Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Honour among thives...

I remember when I hid from the devil I didn't go back to my village. I was a different man then I was before and cannot bare to return to my root. Always in disguise and  stealing was my only way to live. I met with two other thieves in a castle far from home. All three of us were in the big ball organised by the lord of the land. None of us suspected each other on that night but when the ball was over at midnight we met in the chamber of treasure with knives on each other throats. We decided to co-operate with each other when the guards found us with arrows on our faces. We teamed up after that night and became the infamous Shadowcats of Rivernine State. The peak of our career started when we stole The Book of Shadows from King Philipex of Rivernine. That was how we got the name Shadowcats of Rivernine. The book was supposely to be highly valueble yet we didn't have any buyers for the book instead a very handsome price on our head by the Rivernine State. The book was useless to us and we almost tosed it in the fire as nobody understand the language in the book. We kept the book just because if the trouble it cost us and to our advantage, we finally found away to read the mysterious book. The book was more to alchemy yet there were traces of the dark influence that can't be explain by logic. 

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