Thursday, November 12, 2009


I used Boo to fight Lovelent Knight when all he had was Bogota.....

I had to use Bilurina when Lovelent already acquired his Pyron....

Lovelent wasn't that strong in the first place. He awaken his power to defy me. He was ambitious and wanted to take my throne. He wasn't that strong to do it and he allied with some Lords to destroy me. He knew most of the lords won't never went against me. He chose the derange lords. With only Bogota in his power, he gambled trough the treason. It was foolish but he did gained some knowledge and he gained Pyron. The War started with Pyron in his hands. I was never good in Close range Combat. My masks aren't made for that. He knew my weaknesses. He attacked me when I was alone. Luckily for me, Lady Zen saved me a few times.

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