Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Pearl Island.

Dan Glockson

Dan Glocksaon,Mask: Rinula

Lady Salleneir Gitty

Lady Gitty, War mask: Wichita

Lady Salmakia Zen Hidoki, War mask: Safara

Lovelent Knight

Lovelent Knight, War masks: Pyron and Bogota

Lady Hanieta Saron

Lady Hanieta, War Mask, Gorgodo

The Lovelent Knight was the the one who almost finished me off the world. I met him in 1942. The World War 11 was still going on. The Dark Lords had wars of our own too. The first time I met him was When I was stationed in The Pearl island. I was there as a spy and as a recruiter to new army. I put on my humanly mask and mingle with people in all sort of manner searching people with abilities. One of my minions was holding a party and Lovelent was there. He was one of the nobleman invited to the party. I saw his potential in the way of darkness but I need to test his power first. I summoned few monster to the party to see the abilities of the guesses. Only a handful of people survived that party. 26 to be exact. The shocking thing was that among the 26 of the survivors, 18 of them were females. It seem that the females of the island were stronger than the male.

I was happy that they were many potential apprentice in the island. the hard part was to persuade them in joining my side. It was easy with the Lady Hanieta. She sought me after the party and ask me to have tea the next day. I was surprised that she knew I summoned those monsters. Of course, I denied it. I needed to test her first before considered her in the team.

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