Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The haunted past.

I took my wrong turn to the dark side when I was 8 years old in 10th of June, four days after my birthday. I was tricked or better word is persuaded by the Dark Shalariq. I still remember the day I signed the stupid contract. It was Friday at a holy place. A place where my Father was the leader. The leader's son fell into the dark side. It was so ironic. The leader who fought against the dark way had a son who became the Prince of darkness. If he find out about this, he would just die. Luckily, I have my masks. My masks had only failed me once. It was when I had a war with Lovelent Knight. He was too strong for me. I almost won at one time and I was almost dead at one time. It was when I was at my prime yet I did not defeated him. I am so grateful that at least I still have a little bit of strength now. Now, I live my life as moderate as I can be. No more war. The only war is between I and myself now. I hope to surpass this darkness inside of me and become a normal human being. 92 years had been wasted in this life. I'll be older next year and I hope by that time I am already a new me.

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  1. To get something u cant only hope, actions will be the first step :)